Everyone has a
idea inside of them.

What 's yours?

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Can you come up with
a billion-dollar idea?

David Margolis doesn't promise that you will—but he assures you that you can.

The Billion-Dollar Creative contains an emphatic collection of principles for nurturing creativity, and understanding the paradoxes that make creativity so difficult to master. In witty, accessible fashion, David Margolis opens the door to a more brilliant and profitable life, presenting big ideas in ways that are easy to understand and put into practice.

“David Margolis has written a really useful book. It’s like nitrogen-based fertilizer for the brain!”

— A.J. JACOBS, New York Times best-selling author

“This book shows you how to think
at a higher level.”

— MATT EASTWOOD, Chief Creative Officer, DDB New York

“High-value, imaginative, and inspiring.”

— NANCY DUARTE, author and CEO of Duarte, Inc.

“An engaging and inspiring read.”

— PILAR ALESSANDRA, The Coffee Break Screenwriter

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

— STEPHEN SHAPIRO, Best Practices Are Stupid

About The Book

Have you ever had a 'big idea' —
but didn't know what to do next?

The Billion-Dollar Creative helps you to tap into your inner creative, and offers invaluable instruction on how to transform inspiration into reality, prime your creative pump and more importantly, become an expert in guiding your ideas from thought to actuality. Chock-full of intelligence, insight, and inspiration, this book provides the key to the locked door that is the creative human mind.

By the time the series is complete, 250 principles will have been covered, and the world just might be a more creative place. Practical, eye-opening, and thought-provoking, this book has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can be more creative. This book will show you how.

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Creativity resembles everyday life. We would all love a pain-free life in which everything goes our way—but our greatest victories occur when we persevere in the face of adversity, to overcome the toughest challenges. The trick is to enjoy the downhill coast, and accept the challenge of the uphill battle. In the final analysis, all you can do is ride the waves that the ocean sends you. This is life. This is creativity!

Think everything you’ve learned about creativity is true?
Think again.


Why in today’s world, genius is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration.


How to boost your chances of discovering a billion-dollar idea.


Why asking traditional ‘open’ questions can stifle your creativity, and what to ask instead.


Why group brainstorming sessions are usually a waste of time, and how to make them more effective.


This book distills fundamental principles of creativity, providing a roadmap for bringing the best out of your creative mind.


In today's increasingly complex business world, you need information fast. This book gives it to you straight.

Easy To Integrate

With so many demands on your time, this book outlines simple principles that you can seamlessly integrate into your life.

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Every day in business is a constant battle to screen out noise, avoid interruptions and stay cool under pressure. It’s virtually impossible to be creative when you’re in “firefighting” mode, rushing in and out of meetings or feverishly reacting to messages the moment they arrive.

But if you find yourself in a tough situation or caught in the middle of a confrontational encounter, you must stay cool. The creative winners are the ones who are most positive and flexible, able to keep their heads when all those around them are losing theirs. This guarantees the fastest way back into your creative bubble.

Take A Peek Inside!

There are hundreds of things you can do to develop your creativity. Book One explores the first 25 principles in the series that will help you to see the world through a different lens.

Chapter Overview

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“Beautifully written! Highly entertaining, full of fascinating insights.”

— SUSIE CASTILLO, TV host, actress, author, and former Miss USA

“A buffet of creative inspiration.”

— CLIFF ATKINSON, Beyond Bullet Points

“Finally, a practical book on creativity.”

— KELLY HOWELL, Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age

“A must-read for all creatives.”

— DR. KENNETH ATCHITY, How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams

“This book is imaginative and inspiring, providing many practical ways of pumping up your creativity.”

— INDRANI, award-winning director and celebrity photographer

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About The Author

"It doesn't matter who you are —

you can be more creative."

An industry-leading presentation design specialist, David Margolis has worked with creative teams and corporate clients in entertainment, media, advertising, and publishing, in London and New York.

The former Graphics Manager of one of the largest telecoms companies in Europe, Margolis has made millions of dollars for his clients, and gained extensive experience working with photographers, designers, art directors and business leaders, over a dynamic 20-year career.

A certified fitness trainer, recreational swimmer and iPad junkie, Margolis began his career working in real estate in London, while working part-time as a sports writer. The companies he has worked for include TWI (IMG), DDB UK, Jones Lang LaSalle, Sky Sports, and Vodafone. Today he specializes in multimedia projects and enjoys travelling the world, learning from talented entrepreneurs, and inspiring the people that he meets to achieve their creative potential.

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“There are a lot of books on creativity, but not many that will help you be creative. This one will. Buy it.”

—NICK LAW, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

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